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Nita Leland's Nature & Gardening Book List

Adams, Kevin and Marty Casstevens. Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians. John F. Blair, 1996. How to photograph and identify them. Good descriptions and photo tips.

Adkins, Leonard M. Wildflowers of the Appalachian Trail. Menasha Ridge Press, 1999. Exceptionally fine photographs of nearly 100 species with details of these and 60 additional species.

Bagust, Harold, ed. Hutchin's Dictionary of Plant Names. Search ABEbooks Helicon, 2001.

Bergmann, Craig, ed. Midwestern Landscaping Book. Sunset, 2001. Packed with ideas for many types of gardens and accessories.

Bir, Richard E. Growing & Propagating Showy Native Woody Plants. UNC Press, 1992. Mostly NC, SC, VA, WV area native plants.

Bjornson, Howard. Weeds. Chronicle, 2000. Stunning photographs of common weeds. It will make you take a second look next time you see one.

Blomgren, Paige Gilchrist. Making Paths &Walkways. Lark, 1999. Creative ideas and simple techniques.

Botanica's Annuals & Perennials. Laurel Glen, 1999. Over 1000 pages and more than 2000 plants listed. Alphabetical by genus, includes an index of common names. Good reference mostly for garden flowers.

Brockman, C. Frank. Trees of North America. Golden Press, 2001. A field guide to the major native and introduced species north of Mexico. One of the easiest to use.

Capon, Brian. Botany for Gardeners. Timber Press, 1990. A somewhat technical but easy-to-understand introduction and guide to plants.

Clausen, Ruth Rogers & Nicolas H. Ekstrom. Perennials for American Gardens. Random House, 1989. More than 600 pages, lavishly illustrated in color, with informative notes on genus and species.

Cleave, Andrew. Wildflowers: A Portrait of the Natural World. Todtri, 1997. Stunning photographs of common and unusual plants.

Cooperrider, Tom, et al, editors. Seventh Catalog of the Vascular Plants of Ohio. The Ohio State University, 2001. Very helpful in learning the taxonomy of plants of my state. The field guides aren't so specific sometimes.

Craighead, John J., et al. Peterson Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers. Houghton Mifflin, 1998. I don't like the layout of this book. It isn't as easy to follow as other Peterson Guides. I like the Falcon Guides better.

Cramer, Harriet. A Garden in the Shade. Friedman, Fairfax, 2002. Requirements for successful gardening with shade-tolerant plants, including detailed descriptions of many species.

Crockett, James U. et al. Wildflower Gardening. Search ABEbooks Time-Life Books, 1977. An oldie but a goodie. Wonderful chart showing characteristics of 228 wildflowers.

Cullina, William. Native Trees, Shrubs, & Vines. Houghton Mifflin, 2002. Wonderfully detailed, fine photography. One of my favorites. Resource guide include nurseries, plant societies and botanical gardens and arboretums.

Cullina, William. The New England Wildflower Society Guide to Growing and Propagating Wildflowers. Houghton Mifflin, 2000. Packed with information and fantastic photos. Suggested sites for various wildflowers. Resource guide include nurseries, plant societies and botanical gardens and arboretums.

Duncan, Wilbur and Marion. Wildflowers of the Eastern United States. University of Georgia, 1999. Arranged by families, using the Latin nomenclature. Index includes common names. Nice photos grouped in one section.

Eastman, John. The Book of Forest and Thicket. Stackpole, 1992. Trees, shrubs and wildflowers of eastern North America. Illustrated with nice drawings of details of plants.

Elpel, Thomas. Botany in a Day. HOPS Press, 2000. Thomas Elpel's herbal guide to plant families. This is the first book that made sense to me when I was trying to learn plant taxonomy.

Fagan. Damian. Canyon Country Wildflowers. Falcon Publishing, 1998. I love the Falcon Guides. They aren't comprehensive, but give detailed descriptions of site-specific conditions and good photos and identification of the species.

Forster, Roy and Alex Downie. The Woodland Garden. Firefly, 2000. Planting in harmony with nature. Excellent charts on trees, shrubs and flowers indicating specific site characteristics.

Harstad, Carolyn. Go Native. Indiana University, 1999. Gardening with native plants and wildflowers in the lower Midwest.

Henn, Robert. Wildflowers of Ohio. Indiana University, 1998. Handy field guide of wildflowers throughout the state of Ohio.

Hill, Martha and Art Wolfe (photographer). The Art of Photographing Nature. Three Rivers Press, 1993. Spectacular photographs illustrate the text jam-packed with information on design, color, light, and creativity with camera features.

Huntington, Lucy. The Wild Garden. Cassell, 2000. Instant reference to more than 250 plants, plus discussion of animals and birds in the garden.

Imes, Rick. Wildflowers. Chartwell, 2001. How to identify flowers in the wild and how to grow them in your garden.

Johnson, Lady Bird and Carlton B. Lees. Wildflowers Across America. National Wildflower Research Center, 1988. A gorgeous celebration of the flora of the United States.

Kricher, John and Gordon Morrison. Peterson's Field Guide to Eastern Forests. Houghton Mifflin, 1998. A field guide to birds, mammals, trees, flowers and more. Excellent information on habitats and species.

Ladd, Doug. Northwoods Wildflowers. Falcon Press, 2001. Wildflowers of the northeastern U.S. and lower Canada. I like the Falcon Guides. They are site specific and very useful.

Ladd, Doug. Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers. Falcon Press, 1995. I like the Falcon Guides. They are site specific and very useful. Lists prairies where flowers can be seen.

Landman, Wijbren. Complete Encyclopedia of Butterflies. Search ABEbooks Rebo International, 1999. Gorgeous photographs of butterflies around the world, including some caterpillars.

Little, Elbert. National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees: Eastern Region. Alfred A. Knopf, 1980. A useful guide with bark, leaves and flowers shown in excellent photos. Detailed information in a separate section for reference.

Lloyd, Christopher. Color for Adventurous Gardeners. Firefly, 2001. Plants are shown by color groups, with wonderful photographs showing arrangements with complementary plants.

Loughmiller, Campbell and Lynn. Texas Wildflowers. University of Texas, 1984. More than 300 wildflowers, 381 full-color photos. Good descriptions. Nice field guide.

McKeown, Denny. Gardening Book for Ohio. Cool Springs Press, 2000. Lots of information on planting and maintenance of trees, shrubs and flowers that grow well in most areas of Ohio.

Newcomb, Lawrence. Newcomb's Wildflower Guide. Little, Brown, and Company, 1977. This book is in its zillionth printing because it is the best guide for keying flower characteristics.

Nichols, Clive. Photographing Plants & Gardens. David & Charles, 1998. Spectacular photos accompanied by technical information on photographic equipment and techniques for photographing gardens and plants.

Niehaus, Theodore F.. Peterson Field Guide to Southwestern and Texas Wildflowers. Houghton Mifflin, 1998. Typical of Peterson formats, generally easy to find if you identify by color and image.

Niering, William A.. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers: Eastern Region. Alfred A. Knopf, 2001. Photos are separate from descriptions. Both are very good.

Overy, Angela. Sex in your Garden. Fulcrum Publishing, 1997. A delightful volume on plant reproduction, amusing and informative. Stunning photography.

Patterson, Freeman. Photography & the Art of Seeing. Key Porter Books, 1989. A classic in design and creativity for photographers.

Pearlman, Barbara. Gardener's Fitness: Weeding Out the Aches & Pains. Taylor, 1999. Great exercises and techniques to get you in shape for gardening.

Peterson, Roger Tory. Peterson Field Guide to Wildflowers. Houghton Mifflin, 1996. Northeastern and north-central U.S. Relatively easy to use if you identify flowers by color and picture.

Petrides, George. Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Trees. Houghton Mifflin, 1998. Very detailed with lots of photos.

Petrides, George. Peterson's Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs. Houghton Mifflin, 1972. Northeastern U.S. & southeastern Canada. Has been helpful, but not my favorite. (Don't have a favorite yet.)

Phillips, Harry R. Growing and Propagating Wildflowers. UNC Press, 1985. Propagation and cultivation of more than 100 wildflowers. Very useful reference for native plant gardeners.

Phillips, Roger. Trees of North America and Europe. Random House, 1993. A photographic guide to more than 500 trees: leaves, flowers, fruit and bark.

Reader's Digest. North American Wildflowers. Reader's Digest, 1998. Information is very sketchy. Not one of my favorites.

Spellenberg, Richard. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers: Western Region. Alfred A. Knopf, 2001. Photos are separate from descriptions. Both are very good.

Ray, Veronica. Zen Gardening. Berkley, 1996. If gardening is your meditation, you will love this little book.

Roth, Sally. Natural Landscaping. Rodale, 1997. Gardening with nature to create a backyard paradise. Creative solutions for every possible type of habitat, including recommendations for best plants to grow in each situation.

Royer, Frances and Richard Dickinson. Weeds of the Northern U.S. and Canada. University of Alberta, 1999. Details the characteristics and problems of many common weeds, some we generally think of wildflowers.

Shaw, John. Closeups in Nature. Amphoto, 1987. Effective use of close-up equipment in the field. Great photos.

Shaw, John. Nature Photography Field Guide. Amphoto, 2000. Mostly a technical guide to buying and using equipment. Great photos.

Stevenson, Violet. The Wild Garden. Penguin, 1985. Making natural gardens using wild and native plants.

Symonds, George. The Shrub Identification Book. William Morrow, 1973. A photographic reference to shrubs, fines and ground covers with over 3500 illustrations.

Symonds, George. The Tree Identification Book. William Morrow, 1973. A photographic reference to leaves, flowers, twigs and shapes of trees with 1500 illustrations.

Taylor, Patricia. Easy Care Native Plants. A guide to selecting and using beautiful American flowers, shrubs and trees in gardens and landscapes.

Taylor, Ronald J. Desert Wildflowers of North America. Mountain Press, 1998. 500 plants, photographs and descriptions. Nice field guide.

Tekiela, Stan. Wildflowers of Ohio. Adventure Publications, 2001. 200 common wildflowers of Ohio.

Turner, R. G. Botanica Garden Encyclopedia. Barnes & Noble, 2001. A comprehensive collection--over 1000 pages of flora around the world filled with color illustrations. A great reference.

Venning, Frank D. Cacti. Golden Press, 1975. Compact field guide to desert cacti.

Venning, Frank D. Wildflowers of North America. Golden Press, 2001. Compact field guide to North American plants.

Wallner, Jeff and Mario DeGregorio. New England's Mountain Flowers. Mountain Press, 1997. A beautifully illustrated field guide to the 85 of New England's rarest and showiest mountain flowers.

Watts, May. Flower Finder. Nature Study Guild, 1995. Pocket-sized guide to identification of spring wild flowers and flower families.

Watts, May. Tree Finder. Nature Study Guild, 1991. This amazing little book helps you to identify major types of trees by their leaves.

Watts, May. Winter Tree Finder. Nature Study Guild, 1970. Learn to identify trees by twigs, buds and fruit long after the foliage is gone.

Weishaupt, Clara. Vascular Plants of Ohio. Kendal/Hunt, 1971. The definitive key to Ohio wildflowers.

Welsh, Stanley L. Flowers of the Canyon Country. University of Utah, 1995. Terrific photos and descriptions of the wonderful plants of the Southwest.

Wharton, Mary and Roger Barbour. A Guide to the Wildflowers & Ferns of Kentucky. University of Kentucky, 1971. Nearly 500 photographs of 700 species. Useful to regions around Kentucky, too.

Williams, Paul. Garden Color Book Search ABEbooks Chronicle, 2000. Clever layout to try different color schemes in your garden, with suggested plants.

Yatskievych, Kay. Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers. Indiana University, 2000. All of the 1564 species recorded in Indiana with small photos of some species.

Zuckerman, Jim. Secrets of Color in Photography. Writer's Digest Books, 1998. Color, light, film, and digital manipulation of color, accompanied by great photos.

Zuckerman, Jim. Techniques of Natural Light Photography. Writer's Digest Books, 1996. Sensational outdoor photography at different times of the day.

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