Welcome to
"Confident Color"
Artists' Exhibition

Town and Country Fine Art Center, Kettering, Ohio
November 13-30, 2008

"Consistency in concept and an elaborate bag of tricks make an artist's work distinctive.
William V. Dunning

confident color artwork
An exhibit at "Art in Motion" gallery features artists in Nita Leland's Confident Color book.
confident color artwork
Seventeen artists participate with new works or those included in the book.
confident color artwork
Many different styles and mediums are featured in the exhibit and the book.
visitors enjoying artwork
Visitors admired the show and talked with artists, who signed books along with Nita.
artists signing books
Dwayne Daniel and Sharon Stolzenberger sign books for each other and for Sharon Cleveland.
>artists signing books
Mike Elsass gets into the act and talks with the artists.
Nita and Len
Nita chats with Leonard Williams, who created signs for the exhibition.
>Nita and artist friends
Nita and Sharon Cleveland are joined by Tomoko Parry and Sharon Stolzenberger.
gift gallery
The Town & Country Fine Art Center holiday gift gallery in the adjoining space is an impressive collection of original art.
gift gallery
Visitors browsed the gift gallery as they munched on homemade goodies prepared by contributing artists.
Gift Gallery
Woodworking, paintings, jewelry, and fiber arts are nly among the offerings in the gift gallery.
Trish, Nita, Suzanne
Trish McKinney, Nita and Suzanne Bruns enjoyed the occasion.
Nita and Mike
Nita and Mike Elsass chat as visitors peruse Nita's boook.
Nita and gallery visitor
Nita talks with a visiting artist while others view the exhibition.
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