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     Watercolor for the Terrified
with Nita Leland

Do you know what makes watercolor work? How to choose papers, paints, subject matter? Which end of the brush to paint with? Can you mix without making mud? This workshop addresses these things and much more. All you need is a good brush, eight tubes of paint, a palette, quality paper—and practice. I’ll take you step-by-step through the basics of washes, wet-into-wet painting, dry brush, and color mixing and have you painting in no time. I’ve taught watercolor classes for more than 40 years and have a special place in my heart for beginners. Don’t be afraid—you can do it!

Trust me! watercolor for the terrified watercolor for the terrified

-Brushes: flat 3/4-1" natural hair or blend one-stroke; round #6-8 pointed synthetic brush
-Fluid “Easy Block” 140 lb. acid-free paper, 12” x 16”, 15 sheets (or Arches or Winsor & Newton)
-1 white watercolor palette—12" or larger, with cover (Speedball round palette or other.)
-2 1-qt. plastic water containers; spray bottle (Windex type)
-paper towels, dull pocket knife, drafting tape
-HB or B drawing pencil; white plastic or kneaded eraser, small natural sponge
-sketch pad for notes and sketches; source sketches or photos for paintings
-hair dryer
-Artists’ tube watercolors (M. Graham, Holbein, MaimeriBlu, Daniel Smith, or Winsor & Newton)
(1 tube of each listed below—the ASTM color index number should be on the tube.)

-Payne’s Gray, any brand (for WC for Terrified Days 1 and 2 only)
-Permanent Rose (PV 19) or Quinacridone Magenta (PR 122)
-Winsor Red (PR 254), Cadmium Red Light or Scarlet (PR 108)
-New Gamboge, Indian Yellow (PY 153), or Cadmium Yellow Medium (PY 35)
-Winsor Lemon or Hansa Yellow Light (PY 3)
-Winsor Blue (Green Shade), Phthalocyanine or Phthalo Blue (PB 15 or PB 15:3)
-French Ultramarine or Ultramarine Blue (PB 29)
-Burnt Sienna (PR 101 or PBr 7)

What students say about Nita's workshops:
  • "I will be forever grateful for your good method of teaching beginners."
  • "A whole new world has opened up. I'm so excited about working in watercolor."
  • "No other class I've attended has explained the basics in such a clear way."
  • "You created a wonderful atmosphere of acceptance, teaching and encouragement."


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