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With nearly thirty years of teaching behind me, I have file folders crammed full of art tips and lessons on color, creativity, art marketing, studio setup and storage, workshops and techniques. You're welcome to print articles for your own use, but please request permission before using in a publication or Web site. Articles with * on the list are located on my blog.

Color Paint Creativity
ABCs of Color 10 Questions About Paint Matisse on Creativity
Color Speak Composition of Paint Blockbusters
Split-Primary Color Mixing Brands of Paint Self-discipline for Artists
Color Temperature Paint Labeling Creativity in a Nutshell
Harmony of Contrasts *Bite the Bullet Three Creativity Myths
Color Management *W&N New Colors in WC For Beginners Only
*Color Problems in Art Prints *Artist vs. Student WC *Do you have talent?
*Talent and self discipline
*Say something

Marketing Miscellaneous Painting & Technique
12 Art Marketing Tips Color Mixing Tips
Marketing on the Internet What Shall I Paint Today? Outdoor Sketching
Artist's Statement Entering Juried Shows Corrections in Watercolor
Outdoor Art Fairs Prints and Reproductions Fine Art Printmaking
*Where's your art? Coping With Stress *Watercolor Paper
Basic Perspective *Watercolor and Gouache
Digital Cameras *Mixing Greens
Digital Glossary *Mixing Neutrals
Saving Web Images *Choosing Brushes
*Van Gogh's Illness
Computer Haiku

Workshops Studio Storage
Taking a Workshop Setting Up Your Studio Storage Tips
Workshop Critiques Buying an Art/Drafting Table Paper & Frame Storage
Workshop Formats Light on the Subject Artwork Storage Tips
Sponsoring Art Workshops Colors and Studio Lights Closet Paper Storage
*Doing Your Own Thing A Small Space  
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