"Painting is poetry that is seen and not heard." Leonardo da Vinci

Watercolor and Ink
© 2004 Nita Leland

Watercolor and ink are a great combination. Both are water mixable and can be applied to wet or dry paper. You can make an ink drawing and tint it with watercolor or you can make a watercolor and enhance it with ink line. Make sure one of the techniques is dominant. For example, tint only the sky and a few flowers or weeds in an ink landscape; or add ink line definition to the focal point in a watercolor with just a few accents elsewhere, as shown here. In this project you start by splashing vivid watercolors over damp watercolor paper that has been sprayed randomly with water from a spray bottle. Let the watercolors flow freely on the paper and do some spatter with the colors, too. You can add the ink lines while the paper is still damp, for fuzzy lines, or do as I did here and wait until it is dry to add the lines. I like to use a flexible stick as my pen to create a more interesting line.

For more creative painting ideas see The New Creative Artist.

ink & watercolor
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