"The great colorists didn't try to achieve distinguished color by trial and error, and neither should you." from Exploring Color

Nita Leland™ Color Scheme Selector

Nita Leland's Color Wheel

You'll discover endless possibilities for color combinations with The Nita Leland™ Color Scheme Selector, a unique color wheel that helps you visualize how specific colors will look together in your color scheme. Eliminate guesswork in color selection and discover exciting, distinctive color combinations simply by dialing up the color scheme you want to use. Generate a new color style and visualize dynamic color accents. Coordinate your colors with current trends and integrate matting and framing with artwork. This color wheel is for artists, students and teachers in fine arts and crafts, graphic and interior design, fashion, fibers, florals, and framing.
  • Nine different color schemes to use with any color-mixing system or medium
  • More than 140 color combinations on the color wheel to excite your color sense
  • Unique, patented Insert includes magenta and turquoise combinations for vibrant, contemporary color
  • Handy 8 1/2" square on sturdy, white-coated board wipes clean.

The Color Scheme Selector is available with the purchase of an Exploring Color Workshop Kit at North Light Shop.
Supply is limited.

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