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Artcyclopedia Artists by Movement
The Artists Bluebook 24,000 North American Artists

Ceramics, Glass, Metals & Sculpture
Barbie Hunt ceramics
Stephen Kishel abstract sculpture
Robert Lorenson sculpture
Peter Reginato sculpture
Moshe Sendowski sculpture
Mark Stine innovative stained glass
Richard Walker contemporary metal wall art, sculpture, metal art
Mac Worthington metal sculpture

Collage & Mixed Media
Robin Chandler Collage, Computer Imaging, Photography and Writing
H. C. Dodd collage and watercolor
Dianne Erickson collage
Karen Hatzigeorgiou Karen's Whimsy, altered books, collage
Rosie Huart handmade paper, collage and mixed media
Janet Jones collages
Barry Kite outrageous photo collage
nlstudio Collages
Nancy Goodman Lawrence
Margaret Livingstone mixed media and art essays
Georgia Mansur Australian colorist, watercolor, mixed media
Dorothy Mendoza colorful collage and mixed media
Karen Michel mixed media
Nancy Egol Nikkal content-rich site with fine-art collages
Marsha Monroe Pippenger
Nancy Standlee acrylic, watercolor, and collage
Jonathan Talbot fine art collage
Viet Tran fine art paper collage
Peter Tytla photo collage
Kathryn Uster fine art collage
Myra Wood fiber and beaded art
Toni Young watercolors

Colored Pencil, Pastel & Drawing
Rayat Ayub various media
Christine Belanger pastel portraits
Jackie Cooper pencil portraits
Vera Curnow colored pencil
Janie Gildow colored pencil still life
Barbara Benedetti Newton colored pencil still life
Niloufer pencil drawings & computer graphics
Kay Polk pastel portraits
Roger PictureDraw portraits
Jane Sun plein air pastels
Mary Jean Weber pastels

Fiber Arts
Julia Berkley fabric collage
Nancy Crow art quilts
Michele Hardy fiber arts, quilts, mixed media
Melody Johnson art quilts
Palmira Rius weaving
Nancy Smeltzer beaded art quilts
Myra Wood fiber and beaded art

Terry Adams various media
Marilyn Atkey various media
Amy Brown illustration and fine art
Margaret Stermer-Cox various media abstracts
Jillian Crider
Gail Delger acrylics, watercolor and collage
Rick Duim multi-media and fractal art
durkART various subjects
Rosemarie Francke various media
Phyllis Franklin various media
Stephanie Jordan journals, mixed media
Carole Katchen various media
Georgia Mansur various media
Sally J. Meding various media
Terrence J. Moore various media, including airbrush
Ricardo Levins Morales mixed media, watercolor posters
Linda Ruhl various art media
Donald Shankoff impressionist paintings in oils and watercolors
Sharon Steinhaus various media
Jacqueline Sullivan calligraphy and mixed media
Sharon Lynn Williams various media
Jeanette Wolff multi-media

Oil, Acrylic & Mixed Media
Nicole Alger oils, classical realism
Roger Arndt Canadian oil painter
Ken Auster plein air oils
Deborah Barlow paintings & banners
Candy Barr oil painting
Margaret Bartlett oil portraits
Donna Baspaly mixed media
John Bathgate abstract Scottish landscapes in various media
Sherry Baumann emerging self-taught acrylic painter
Gayle Bell acrylics and mixed media
Michael Bellon France, oil paintings of the Tarot
Humberto Benitez colorful Cuban paintings
Karen Becker Benedetti acrylic and mixed media paintings
Betty Billups plein air oils
Jesper Blåder paintings
Lucas Blok vibrant color-field paintings
Gary Borse colorful acrylics
Patti Brady acrylic painting
Silvana Brunotti Italy
Maureen Bouillette acrylic and mixed media
Bryce Brown bold figurative acrylic paintings from New Zealand
Scott Burdick a modern master
Robert Burridge painting
Marcia Burtt acrylics plein air
Annette Bush paintings of the American South
Claire Beadon Carnell paintings
Fabrio Cembranelli Brazilian oil and watercolor painter
Karen Challender oil paintings and gifts items
Katherine Clifford oils & acrylics
Jancke-Christoff Combrinck all media
Julia Conlon Canadian Expressions of Life
Tobi Czumak oils and colored pencil
Joan DaGradi oil paintings
Luca Dall'Olio
Dee Beard Dean portraits, figurative, landscapes
Linda Deater abstracts & portraits
Gerald DeLoach plein air landscape
Philippe de Smedt portraits, figures in different media
Sue Donaldson acrylics, watercolors
Bob Dornberg impressionism
Pat Durgin southwestern oil paintings and posters
Samuel Durkin realistic subject matter in oils
Mike Elsass abstract acrylics on weathered steel
Leon Engelen oil paintings, landscapes, rural country farms
Beate Epp vibrant colorful acrylics
Patricia Ezell whimsical subjects
Marilyn Fenn Fine Art oil paintings
Leslie Ficcaglia portrait commissions
Bonnie Flood Southwest, plein air
Stacie Flint colorful expressionistic oils
Myrna Fruitt painting
Darlene Gait Native Canadian artist
Valerie Ganz various media
Keith Garrow abstract paintings
Kathie George watercolor batiks
Joseph Giunta various media
Valeriy Grachov painting and photography
Tracy Helgeson oil painting blog
Glenn Hirsch mixed media biomorphic fantasies
Marilyn Helsenrott Hochhauser various media
M. Katherine Hurley oil & pastel landscapes
Tara Hutton acrylics, oils, mixed media
Susanne Iles art on dragon mythology
Karen Jacobs contemporary abstract paintings
Thomas Jewusiak oil paintings
McCreery Jordan mixed media
Miriam Kalb acrylics, photography and digital art
Duane Keiser still life
Helen Kishkurno oil portraits, landscapes, Orthodox Christian icons
Joseph Kresoja oil and gouache
Elizabeth LaChance abstract decorative style
Pat Lambrecht-Hould mixed media abstracts
Alan Lampe vibrant acrylic Iowa landscapes
Jim Lane versatile oil painter
Alexis Lavine oil, watercolor
Bonny Leibowitz acrylics in fantastic color
Carol Lindsay personalized portraits (New Zealand)
Dik Liu still life
Loretta Louviere plein air and more
Susan Lyons
Doug MacBean oil paintings
Chuck Marshall plein air oil paintings
Jeff Martin oil paintings
Emil Matulewicz figurative paintings, Netherlands
Deon Matzen realistic oil paintings, pet portraits
Cheryl D. McClure contemporary abstract acrylics and collages
Lori McNee paintings and fine art tips
Shawn McNulty abstract acrylic, oil & collage
Charles McVicker oil, acrylic and watercolor
Tony Mendoza colorful acrylic paintings of historic buildings
Beverley Peter Meyers modern art, abstract & figurative paintings
Milen Milenski surrealism, fine art & murals
Betsie Molinsky colorful acrylics
Howard Morgan various media & subjects
Francis Moreeuw quirky acrylic paintings (France)
Nancy Moskovitz oil, acrylics, mixed media
Herbert Murrie Italian landscapes
Vasily Myazin oils and acrylics
Nelly Nazario various media
Karl Nestelberger painting
John Nolan Irish colorist
Dennis Normile oil paintings
Herman Normoid abstract expressionist contemporary paintings
Marina Obo paintings
Carol Odell paintings and monotypes in oil and gouache
Lynn Lawson Pajunen acrylic and mixed media
Lisa Palombo plein-air impressionist
Olga Pankova various media, portraits and more, Ontario, Canada
Emily Patrick UK artist
Linda Paul egg tempera and bas relief
Bruce Peil American landscapes in oil
Elin Pendleton plein air oil painting
Gwen Pentecost oil painting, Western landscapes
Mark Perry oil paintings
Paul Peterson oil painting
Marek Petryk vibrant acrylic abstracts
Gregory Pelizzari extraordinary classical oil painting
Zona and Spacio Pierdutin various media
Linda Pierson colorist painter
Aleta Pippin New Mexico artist
Kay Polito paintings & prints
E. Principato New England Impressionist
Camille Przewodek plein-air colorist
Douglas Purdon Canadian realist
Carol Putnam contemporary realism
Branham Redlen painting
Ruth Robertson paintings and photographs
Kathleen Robison impressionist oil paintings
Bob Rohm oil paintings & workshops
Nicole Roy oils & acrylics
Joan Beaule Ruggles acrylic figurative abstraction
Irene Salley colorful Fauvist-style paintings
Ron Sanders fine art portraits & landscapes
Nick Sarazan landscapes and cityscapes in oils
Randi Layne Scheurer oil painting
Tim Seaward colorful acrylic abstracts
Brenda Semanick oils
Brian Simons bold, colorful acrylics by Canadian artist
Barbara Simpson Art World original paintings and photography
Jan Sitts
Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith various media
Sue Smith oil painting blog
Frederick D. Somers pastel and oil paintings
Sheila Sondik mixed media
Charles Sovek oil painter
Anne Stahl colorful contemporary abstract oil landscapes
Suzana Stojanovic oil and pastel equine art
Sandra Suarez various media
Garnetta Sullivan oil monotypes
Lynne Taetzsch contemporary abstraction
Ann Templeton oils & pastels
Mary Valente oils &acrylics
Rachel Van Dyke oils
Stella Violano oil paintings
Robin Ann Walker acrylics, collages and more
Dennis Weber realistic oils
Charlotte Wharton portraits and paintings
Leonard Williams casein landscape and wildlife
Christina Wilson acrylic paintings
Dan Young mountain landscapes
Barbara Zaringabstract oils and mixed media; paintings and printmaking

Photography, Graphic Design & Digital Art
Bill Abbott photography
Adam Alonzo photography, Persistence of Vision
Jonas Andréasson wildflower photographer
Bill Atkinson superb photography
R. Patrick Backer photography
Dan Beck Outhouse Studios, colorful digital art
Cher's Photo Art
Willa Davis photography
Rick Duim digital art
Brian Galford Televisionary Productions multi-media video productions
Carl Gethmann digital art
Tom Hamilton art photography
Yoel Harel professional photography
Bonny Lhotka experimental digital printmaking
Glamour Photographer high quality headshot photographs (California)
Terry Miura digital imagery and paintings
Antonio Broccoli Porto Caribbean subjects and sculpture
Marj Rines nature photography
Richard T. Stephens outstanding fine-art photographer
Meridith Zinner Headshot Photographers NYC

Ross Aberle graphite and pastel portraits
John Agnew wildlife and reptile art
Alishia's Stencils
Cecile Baird colored pencil and oil still life
Mitch Baltuch fine art photography
John Baselmans a great variety of subject and media
Michael Bellon oil paintings of the Tarot
Laura Benson Afro-centric art
Barry Boobis action Jazz Artwork
Mike Bruce MCB photorealistic pencil portraits, UK
Gil Bruvel fantasy art in oil, gouache and digital
Pat Chapin mermaids and nautical subjects
Clare Christie horse sculptor
Karie Ann Cooper pet portraits and wildlife art (UK)
Brian Exton psychedelic and fantasy art
Amy Fishenden pet portraits, UK
Kathie George watercolor batik
Bill Jackson digital media artist
KalPart political caricatures
Jamie Keith murals and portraits (UK)
Sherrie Kostura portraits
Kathy Kwiatkowski Sand Creek Studio, angels and various media
Latham Studios wildlife and nature paintings by Karen, Rebecca and Bonnie Latham
Lillie Glassblowers custom glass sculptures
Carol Lindsay unique portraits
Raymond Lindscog Interactive Fusion Art, Canada
Susana Correa Llobet various media and subjects
Cheryl Mandus fantasy art
Denise MacGregor Visual and healing arts
Amiel and Stephanie Mesner murals and faux painting
Sharilyn Miller wire art jewelry
Holly Monroe calligraphy
Carol Moore wildlife
Ginny Moore calligraphy
Steve Nyman caricature artist NYC
Julie Palmer pastel pet portraits
Karen Parsons pet portraits
Donna Perkins folk art
Cynthia Pinnell porcelain creations
Rabz Illustration fantasy art
SABU ink blots with faces
Susan Shimeld wildlife, nature and pet portraits
John F. Simon, Jr. a mathematical approach to art
Beau Smith delightful human-size copper frog sculptures
Emily Smith watercolors, faux finishes & murals
Don Vanderbeek illustration, animation, fine art, various media
Abbey Walmsley wildlife and equestrian painting
Joseph Wu origami gallery & instructions
Ed Young award-winning children's book illustrations

Watercolor & Watermedia
Don Andrews watercolor figures and landscapes
Lori Andrews watercolor blog
Ray Annino watercolors
Ruth Armitage watercolors
Lorraine Arsenault Canadian, watercolors
Claudia Artzmann watercolors
Betul Aydiner watercolors & ceramics
Mike Bailey beautifully designed watercolors
J. Baldini Monhegan Island watercolors
Donna Barnes-Roberts sharp focus watercolors
Robert Barnum artist-in-residence, Ferrum State University, MI
Marc Bauer watercolors
David R. Becker oils & watercolors
Mary Ann Beckwith creative watercolors
Michael Beeman original watercolors & pastels
Mary Ann Boysen watercolors
Marilyn Sears Bourbon, colorful figures
Carol Carter watercolors and sharp focus botanicals
Joe Cartwright Australia, watercolors
Fabrio Cembranelli Brazillian oil and watercolor painter
Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn contemporary watercolors
Ginnie Conway watercolors
Jamie Cordero tropical watercolors
Tony Couch watercolorist and teacher
Henry W. Dixon American realism in watercolor
Jeanne Dobie luminous watercolors
Mary Beth Downs plein air watercolors
Gilles Durand fresh, spontaneous watercolors
Julie Eastman watercolors
John Emery fabulous watercolor constructions
John Finger watercolors
Ellen Allgaier Fountain watercolors
Nancy Foureman oils, watercolors and painting critiques
Louise Franco Vermont watercolors
Jane Freeman watercolors
Sharon Freeman Pacific Northwest Watercolors and workshops
Sharon Gates acrylic and watercolor
Don Getz watermedia
Lawrence Goldsmith exquisite watercolors
Fred Graff watercolors
Juanita Hagberg contemporary abstract watercolors
Charles Harrington watercolors
Pauline Healey watercolors
Adrie Hello Netherlands, watercolors
Sam Hill light-filled watercolors
Michelle Hines watercolors
Margaret Horvat watercolors
Diana Hsu watercolor florals
Mary Sorrows Hughes watercolors
Ursula Ippoliti watercolors
George James contemporary watercolors
Cathy Johnson watercolors and art instruction books
Jane Jones watercolors
Tom Jones watercolors
Mary Kay Karolowics Maple Lawn Studio, watercolor nostalgia
Linda Kemp watercolors
Sue Kemp realistic watercolors
Valerie Kent watercolors
Michael Kerby watercolors and acrylics
Maury Kettel watercolor
Gabriel Krekk Canadian watercolors
Barry Launius Caribbean colors
Alexis Lavine watercolors
Skip Lawrence watermedia colorist
Laura Leeder watercolor florals and still lifes
Fealing Lin beautiful transparent watercolors
Joan Lok Oriental brush paintings & watercolors
Diane and Ray Loos watercolors and mixed media
Georgia Mansur Australian colorist, watercolor, mixed media
Shanti Marie watercolors
Jane Mason paintings and art tips
Doug Mays watercolor and acrylic
Lynn McLain super-realistic watercolors
Elizabeth McRorie watercolors
Mark Mehaffey colorful, creative watercolors
Paul Melia contemporary watermedia
Susan Eaton Mendenhall JazzArt watercolor cards and notes
John L. Mendoza watermedia paintings of the Southwest
Milind Mulick watercolor
Frank Murphy watercolor
Ruth Newquist watercolor and oils
Lise Nilsen watercolor
Carla O'Connor figurative watercolors
Karen Parsons watercolor and pastel
Beth Patterson
Arleta Pech watercolor still-life florals
Lynda Pike watercolor & pastel
Alex Powers watercolors
David Poxon watercolors UK
Cathy Quiel watercolor still life
Sarah Rogers watercolors
Joe Santos watercolor realist
Emanuel Schongut watercolor illustration
Miriam Schulman watercolors
Susie Short watercolor
Marilyn Simandle watercolor & oil paintings
Nicholas Simmons watercolor and fluid acrylics
Robert Sinclair watercolor and acrylic stain paintings
Catherine Smith watercolor
Ray Campbell Smith watercolors
Gary Spetz watercolor landscapes
Mary B. Spires watercolors
Ruth Steinfatt Wildwood Watercolors
Keith Thompson Gallery Ireland
Tolun's Art paintings & drawings
Patti Trostle watercolor portraits
Tony van Hasselt watercolors
Debi Watson realistic watercolors
Michael Weber watercolors
Arne Westerman figurative watercolors and oils
Mary Whitehill realistic watercolors

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